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Lucky Charms: Going Green

Green Goodies from Bella Vici

Grab your green beer and let's find some fun ways to inject the Emerald Isle into your home! Grow interest in your finishes with shades of sage and jungles of jade. Since my super power is turning green plants brown, I like to bring this hue into the home with fabrics, wallcoverings and accessories. Celebrate St. Patri...

Mar 09, 2018

Crimson to Blush, Wallpaper with Rush of Plush

Angeliki Burnish

A huge impact for any room is splashing the walls with the specific emotion you would love to rise to the surface when entering the room.  Most people go with paint, but there is a much more nuanced way to coax joy out of the walls, WALLPAPER!  Paper pricing is typically...

Feb 07, 2018

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