Bella Vici Style Profiles | Paige Smiley

As a way of allowing our customers to get to know us better, we've decided to do a series of company style profiles. Each mood board showcases items that capture each of our designers' individual styles. Paige, co-owner of Bella Vici, has a style that is equal parts free-spirited, funky, and punk.


  1. Lana Lamp
  2. Mirabelle Chandelier
  3. Perla Rug
  4. Noir Bronze Peace Sign
  5. Blue Velvet Curtains
  6. Prescott Oval Mirror
  7. Kos Vase
  8. Flux Planter
  9. Intersecting Sculpture
  10. Urchin Box
  11. Omar Chair
  12. Turtle Shells on Crystal Stand

Paige Smiley, Co-Owner of Bella Vici

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