Pillows & Throws

One of the simplest and cheapest ways to transform a room is through what are probably thought of as the smallest and least important décor elements: pillows and throws. Small but mighty, these embellishments pack a heck of a punch. For a touch of quirkiness, texture, color, or to fill in that certain je ne sais quoi that’s missing from your room, turn here. These guys are great if you’re just plain tired of a room and need something to spice it up, too.

Inspiration: Teori Abstract Pillow
Inspiration: Gramercy Pillow
Inspiration: Teori Pillow
Inspiration: Pillow, Blue with Fringe

Even better, don’t feel like they have to match. It’s usually better if they’re different from one another in some way—whether in size, shape, color, or pattern—but the degree of this ‘mix and match’ idea depends entirely on your personal preference.

We have a variety of throw pillows and blankets to choose from at our shop, and they’re neatly joined together on one section of our site if shopping online is more your style. Throw on something new for a change!

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