International Builders Show Takeaway #1: Smart Homes

Paige and Christy, owners of Bella Vici, had the pleasure of attending the International Builders Show (IBS) in Las Vegas a few weeks ago. Our first takeaway from the show is the concept of smart homes. Smart homes feature fully programmable and automated systems for many parts of your home.

These systems include thermostats, ovens, refrigerators, shades, stovetops, and front door keypads. One of the most amazing smart home features is a fully automated refrigerator by LG that reads the labels on the products inside and adds it to your grocery list when you are almost out of them (mind = blown)! Other smart home features can be turned on by your phone, such as ovens and stovetops, and even your front door keypad that can be unlocked with your phone or on the keypad itself. 

Another energy-efficient smart home feature are automated/motorized shades by Hunter Douglas, available through Bella Vici. Control them with a remote, your iPad or smartphone, or program them once and never touch them again.

The programming feature signals the shades to open and close with the sunrise and sunset. This is such a great way to save on energy costs, especially during those hot summer months! Contact us or drop by the store for more information.


Smart homes are quickly gaining popularity amongst designers, builders, and buyers — and rightfully so! Smart homes beautifully balance the high-tech with the energy-efficient, and we couldn’t be more excited. Bella Vici can provide you with information and ideas about adding smart home features to your home —let’s travel to the not-so-distant future together!

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