Styling Outdoor Spaces, with Christy Howell

We are creatures of nature and even the most indoor-oriented individuals like to relax and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. A residential outdoor space can range from a modest area like a small terrace or patio to an expansive yard with an in-ground pool as shown in the photo.

Bella Vici designer, Christy Howell, got to know the owners of this gorgeous home, Lori and Derek Neher, and learned what their idea of a perfect outdoor space would entail. The designer collaborated with the owners and landscapers on tile selections in the "wet" bar and color schemes around the pool to complement the natural landscape.

However, the focus of outdoor living usually centers around eating, so much attention was given to the outdoor kitchen. The amenities include a generous sink with stainless steel cabinetry for storage, an under-counter outdoor refrigerator, a large gas grill, a Green Egg for smoking, and expansive counter space. There is even a flat-screen television so the cook won't miss a thing! These elements make outdoor cooking as convenient and enjoyable as cooking in a fully equipped indoor kitchen. A large table with plenty of seating is just a few steps away for the whole family to enjoy a meal.

In addition to this great food preparation area, the family wanted a comfortable outdoor living room and furnished it with thick weather-resistant upholstered furniture. Finally, outside the second-floor balcony, they added a whimsical touch by setting this unique round hanging bed for those times when they just want to lay outside and flip through magazines or take a nap in the fresh air.

As evidenced in the photographs, the Nehers' outdoor living space has everything one could want for an active family and Bella Vici designers can help you attain your dream space.

Some key tips to consider while planning a functional outdoor space include:

  • Decide what is important to your family in an outdoor space as well as what kind of budget you want to allocate
  • Consider the space you have available and the feasibility of accommodating the plan
  • Research with experts to avoid unnecessary headaches
  • Plan for space to facilitate cooking, relaxing, and activity

For information or assistance in designing your special outdoor living space, contact Christy Howell or Paige Smiley and make the most of your time with nature.

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