Make it Happen: How to Create a Design Moment

Fuscia velvet and gold accents make this nuetral room come to life.

Have you ever walked into a space and thought, "Wow, that's amazing!"  That's what is known as a design moment.  These can be visually explosive or texturally comforting.  Think statement wall or the golden handle on the side of a cabinet.  This is all about being thoughtful. 

First, assess what is required for any space or item to function properly.  If it is a coffee table, will people be putting their feet on it, is it close enough to set your drink on or does it need to store blankets?  Fulfilling the needs of the room, can not only assist in narrowing down the choices, but can also help keep focus on the room's overall design.  So, that decorative accent piece on the wall isn't as daunting of a decision after all.  The coffee table could be covered with a floral print or simply have wheels from an old warehouse.

The rock wall in this dining room sets a dramatic backdrop for the sparkly items in this room.Let's take a wall.  Is a TV sitting in front or hanging on the wall?  Is there art in your house that needs a home?  Is there good lighting on the wall?  Once you answer questions about the elements at hand, deciding what kind of moment you want can be a lot easier.  Texture and color are major ways you can give visual interest. 

Featuring art can be dramatic with stark white walls and directional lighting.  Also, deciding where to let the eye rest from stimulation can give other elements and spaces the chance to shine.

The mirror arrangement in this hallway reflects the many faces that grace this staircse.  Also, they are pretty.Second, make it special.  Choosing something  you love will show the passion for your home.  It also gives insight into your interests which can make conversation with guests much easier. 

Try elements that draw people to inspect them further.  Drawing people to a particular spot can create unlikely conversations between guests with similar interests.  Creating interaction and surprises to the senses are what make a thoughtful space. 

The Harold Chair is one of BELLA | VICI's exclusive items.

Covering ordinary with extraordinary is a great way to make this design moment happen as well.  Wallpaper, textured panels and fabrics are elements that can make the most mundane into an exciting moment.  Furniture and walls are obvious things that often get this treatment, but look for the unexpected.  Wallpaper the sides of drawers or the inside of a cabinet.  Upholster the walls in a powder bathroom. 

The main takeaway is to have fun with design.  If the space isn't seducing you, there is likely a missed opportunity to make a moment.  After all, life is about special moments.  Create one today whether it be with your home or a loved one.

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