Shine Bright Like a Diamond

White Kitchen Blue Island Brass Chandelier

Diamonds in the sky, no not stars but chandeliers!  They make spaces sparkle and dress any room up or down.  How to choose the right fixture for a room?
Starting with the basics is essential to begin the hunt.  Scale is priority one.  How tall are the ceilings and how large is the space should be the first questions answered. 

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Determine whether people will be walking under the fixture (i.e. entry lighting) or if this is going over a table.  The more things used to narrow the options make for an easier search for the perfect chandelier.

Crystal Sparkling Chandelier
Next is how much light is needed from the fixture.  This is where chandeliers get their name after all; chandelier is French for candle holder.  Their humble beginnings were in the 14th Century and they have changed quite a bit in their 700 year history.

As now is an amazing time for technology, the birth of the chandelier was utilitarian for lighting common spaces like churches as well as palatial homes.  No matter if your home is modest or a literal castle, it needs at least one moment for feature lighting.  Have a design renaissance of your own with a chandelier dripping with crystals or a beautifully forged metal fixture.

Entry Chandelier Cove Lighting Wall Sconce

Bigger is always better, but make sure not to overwhelm the space.  The Rule of Thirds works great for entry fixtures.  This means take the space and divide it by three, and this number will be the best size.  It also can be used for a dining table fixture; just take the length of the table and divide by three.  Watch for the minimum and maximum height of the fixture to allow for it to hang where it won’t obstruct dinner conversation or catch the head of that 7’ tall friend!

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