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The birds are chirping, trees are blooming and people are sneezing.  Yes, it’s spring and that means allergy season for some of us.  However, it should mean spring cleaning for everyone!  Your home has been closed up all winter.  Keeping the elements out of your cozy abode means all the dust and critters have been trapped inside.

With the mild winter we have had, especially here in Oklahoma, some of the excitement for the blooming season has wilted.  Don’t despair, lifting spirits with these few helpful tips will brighten everyone’s day.

When it comes to cleaning, I like to start from top to bottom.  That way I don’t typically have to do things twice since dust and dirt tend to follow the same path.  We all know after winter our homes need a good dusting, but don’t forget things like the tops of your drapery rods and crown moldings.  When these gather the bunnies (without the wiggly noses), it can fall on unsuspecting guests and make for an embarrassing game night. Give everything a nice once over with your duster as if your mother was watching and moving all items because you know you aren’t moving these things until next year.

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Now that all the dust has settled, it’s time to address those soft goods.  Yes, that means drapes, pillows and throws.  At the very least these items should get a good wash.  However, why not take this opportunity to invigorate your rooms with some color and lightness.  The weight of the fabric doesn’t need to be as heavy now that the blazing summer is inching closer by the day.  Let the sunshine in through color and pattern.  This will give you a fresh look at your home and ready you for lounging with your lemonade.

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On to the floors, it goes without saying  these need a deep cleaning.  Carpets should be shampooed and don’t forget those baseboards.  Everything should get a good wipe down.  While the focus is down here, look for wear on flooring.  More erosion of your wood, stone, grout and carpet could be prevented this year with some additional area rugs.  Small and large, these are also an easy and sometimes inexpensive way to change the whole look of a room while protecting your aging property.  Area rugs or small throw rugs can be fun on bed sides, down halls and even in kitchens.  Consider what the rug is made of for future maintenance. 

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Spring is all about new growth and greening  lawns.  But let’s face it, some of us are not great with the living.  I for one have a black thumb; everything I touch turns to compost.  If you too possess this gift, there is help.  It is called faux foliage (AKA, fake plants.)  I know what you’re thinking, “My house will look like my mother’s with all those dusty, fraying silk plants!”  Fear not, for I know the path to beauty.  Faux foliage has come a long way.  True, you do have to dust these, but real plants need that love too … and water … and sunlight … and nutrition … and who has the time.

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Sprucing up with these tricks will have your friends and family asking if you bought new furniture or maybe even saying you look younger!  Keeping your house fresh and current will lift your spirits and the corners of that great smile.  Spring into style!

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