The Beauty of Wallpaper: Its Many Styles and Applications

Wallpaper has gone through highs and lows over the decades and is currently experiencing a resurgence in popularity. If we look at what’s out there, it’s no wonder! Wallpaper is a cost-effective way to add color, texture, and interest to any room.

Whether your style is traditional, transitional, contemporary, or modern, Bella Vici can hook you up with a vast selection. Not only is there a plethora of colors, textures, and designs, but creative people have found more and more ways to incorporate it in today’s homes. In addition to using it for accent walls or entire rooms, designers have expanded applications into areas such as ceilings, backsplashes, cabinets, shelf backs, and art pieces.

In the first photo, look at how the use of wallpaper to accent the sides of drawers gives a colorful surprise when the drawer is opened.

In the next picture, consider how the subtle light design allows the accent mirror to stand out.

Notice how the catfish wallpaper in the photo of the almost monochrome bathroom brings some fun movement to the design.

Finally, see a few of the of the many updated versions of today’s wallpaper designs and textures that are available, and you’ll surely be hard-pressed to pick just one.


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