BELLA | VICI'S Top 5 Gifts Under $200

What to get for the person who has everything?  Something unique, beautiful and affordable are the three boxes to tick for a great gift.  Here are our TOP 5 picks for this holiday season. 


#1 - Scented Goods (i.e. Handmade Soaps & Candles)

  • Our Twisted Okie & OK Collective items are made right here in Oklahoma.  This is a great item for out-of-town friends and family to remind them of you whenever they use them.  Also, it's a gift that says, "This made me think of you," without making the recipient make a commitment to wear or display anything.  If the scent isn't their jam, it makes a great guest bath item or use for re-gifting.


Gifts Under $200

#2 - Small Decorative Bowls

  • This handmade gold & blue mid-century bowl is a vintage piece for your stylish friend or maybe that friend who needs a little more style in their life.  It's deep enough for keys or a gorgeous place for a phone (fits iPhone Plus).

Handmade Gold & Blue Mid-Century Bowl#3 - The Everlasting Orchid

  • Anyone who has ever owned an orchid knows those precious blooms come out but once a year.  With this stunner that looks so close to the real thing, whoever you give this two will instantly be asking how to water it.  NO NEED!  This orchid lasts as long as the dog or cat don't get ahold of it.

Artificial Orchi in Grey and Gold Vase

#4 White Pottery

  • White pottery goes with any decor and elevates any shelf to give that modern flair.  This could be pulled out for the occasional bouquet of fresh flowers or fill a bookcase year round.  Either way, whoever you give this to will have a field day finding fun ways to use this beautiful ceramic.

Manuels Bowl

#5 Jewelry

  • Every woman enjoys getting jewelry, especially when it's 14k Gold!  This modern horseshoe set of earrings have a minimalist quality that coordinates with the tastes of the bold to the demure.

Gold Horseshoe Earring SetOur Under $200 is great to keep the budget on track, but don't forget to treat yourself to a new gorgeous pillow or that lamp you have been meaning to buy for the dark corner of your living room!

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