This is my own personal house (Hi, I'm Paige!), we designed this one from paper up, doing all of the floorplans first, layout out all of the finishes, and designing all of the furniture (most of it custom). Now, I did score HUGE on the 9foot dining table, as in my previous life I was working at a fixture manufacturer that produced for Polo, that table was one of their displays, pretty cool huh?
The living room is one large area, really made to live in (dine, entertain, hang). Those mirrored cabinets have SO much storage hiding behind them it's amazing.
The entry. One of my fav spots with the crystal beads puddling on the floor like a waterfall. We doubled the entry doors in the living room for a more dramatic look, and had the entry painted with bold random stripes.
Okay okay, sometimes mistakes make for the most fun ideas! Here my roof line cut off the ceiling hight, instead of doing a slanted portion, or a furdown, we opted for this little munchkin stair step design. I freaking love it! Those faux horn sconces are from our store in Deep Deuce, the counters are paperstone (yeah, you heard me! paper!)
Here's our hall bathroom, the acrylic hardware is from our store, so fun right? Round mirror is on the cheap, from Ikea, but looks perfect here. I had to try something different with the countertop, notice how they aren't the full length, but rather the wood "leg" rolls on the top instead. Be different.