"We wanted you to know that we are really happy with the drapes...we look all dressed up now! Thanks again...we really enjoyed working with you...you made the process very easy." Marsha Lietz
"Most Awesome, Thanks Lauren & Christy; you ladies are great and I really appreciate you assistance in  this matter. I wish everything in Life could be this easy!"
Mike Boley
"Very talented design group. Always full of fresh ideas & cutting edge design. Love doing business with them. I would happily recommend Bella Vici to anyone looking to build new or remodel a space." Colleague, Young Brothers Tile

"Bella Vici is outstanding!! Both Christy and Paige have amazing taste and they are professional in every respect. We have had fun (yes, FUN) working with them and picking out furnishings for our new home. Both ladies are more than willing to listen to YOU and what your needs/wants are. They want they designs to fit you and your lifestyle and not the other way around. They are also very cost-conscious and will work hard to help you find the look you want at a price you can afford.
I would highly recommend Bella Vici to anyone wanting help in designing a new home's interior or freshening up an existing one. They can do more than homes; businesses could benefit from their expertise as well." M.Miller
"I highly recommend Bella Vici for new construction, remodeling, or decorating! Not only do they have amazing taste and inspirational ideas, their ability to work with contractors is invaluable! All of this, and they charge reasonable rates! I have been beyond pleased with their services!" Marler
“I smile every time I walk in my bathrooms and realize that they are mine. I know I don’t have the fanciest house, but I love what I have.  I am so grateful for your help to make my little dream come true!” K.Brady
“Your talent is in its own dimension” D.Best
"Perfect! I had never hired an interior designer or contractor and had some anxiety. We all hear the stories of people taking your money and not delivering. Not a concern here! I had a vision in my head of what I wanted both of my bathrooms to look like and brought a few pictures of my ideas when I met with her. She was able to listen to what I envisioned and made it so much more than I ever imagined! She was professional and polite; gently steering me away from ideas that wouldn't work and leading me to much better choices. It was always about MY vision for the bathrooms, not hers. Her ability to deal with the contractors and keep them on schedule was amazing. We had a couple problems with tile and Paige was right there with a perfect solution. The project took longer than what "I" thought it would, but was right on time in the real world of construction. The house was never left a mess at the end of the day and I ended up with two of the most beautiful bathrooms ever! " Brady
I love it!!! You are Awesome!”       A.Krystyniak
“Very fast and professional” “We love it, so maintenance free... the mirrors are great...Thanks again!”  D. Shaw
"Love Love your homes!"  T.Edwards
“I love it!!  Thanks for all your help!  I will be starting on my kitchen sometime later next year, I will be calling for some advice!” K.Sanders
“Paige Rocks! She is helping make our house look simply amazing and such talent!! Appreciate you so very much! xoxo”    S.Timms